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Many of my recipes are over 100 yrs old, handed down from mother, some are ones we made on our own & others are ones we’ve tried somewhere & modified the recipe to suit our taste .

 We know that in today’s fast paced life finding time to prepare things your familiar with let alone trying a new recipe can be very difficult, but when family & friends say that the best chocolate sheet cake I’ve ever had, can you bring your cherry fluff to the gathering or can you make your kielbasa with cream cheese & bagels for dinner because the only time I have them is when you come visit, its well worth it.

I’m 80 yrs old & not the speed demon I once was, so bear with  me & with  excellent support from Accelerated Web Solutions, I will have a very effective & entertaining website. Please visit it often, use recipes too make your family happy, keep your house spotless & reward yourself by clicking on my amazon link & buying yourself something.

I will eventually have all the popular & frequently used categories, to start were only going to have one, I BET YOU CAN’T MAKE IT JUST ONCE, five that I get requests for over & over again.

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Cookware is sold through a number of helpful outlets. Stores are competing for the right set of products for customers. Come into the shop and see what is now in stock for people. Cookware is a brand name and high quality in every way possible. The Cookware has stood up to the test and people will give that a chance. The items have amazing people who want to sell items on the market.

Cookware is being sold at top quantities these days. Customers are looking for good bargains and want to trust a specific retailer. Think about the incredible choices that people can find through various outlets.

Their stores are packed with people who make great deals possible. The Cookware is backed by a product guarantee and should be impressive as well.

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DIY Grout Cleaner

Mix together in small container

1 cup of warm water

2 TBSP. Baking soda

2. TBSP.  White Vinegar

2 TBSP. Lemon juice

Have a towel and rag  on hand to apply on grout and wipe up the dirty water.

Home Appliance Repairs

Home Appliance Repairs are handled by experts on the market. These professionals want to learn more about items in good time. Think about the incredible options on the market for buyers to trust.

The Home Appliance Repairs have been handled by professionals on the market. That adds to their reputation among the customer base these days. Think about the Home Appliance Repairs that are suitable for people. The deals are expanding and new offers are on the table for customers.

The reviews for Home Appliance Repairs are coming in quickly. Other customers want to provide some insight into the incredible offers made available. The Home Appliance Repairs are offered for those that are interested.

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Great Home Made Stain Remover

Home utensils

DIY cleaning & laundry recipes.

Stain Remover

Great Homemade Stain Remover:

Get clean plastic spray bottle, average size. large enough to hold liquid

2/3 cup of dawn dish soap,

2/3 cup of ammonia,

6 Tbls. of baking soda,

Mix all with 2 cups of warm water.  Spray the stain and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes.  Wash immediately or if you want to include with other laundry, rinse the stain remove out with plain water.

Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips can be a difference-maker for a lot of new people. The kitchen has a lot of potential and people want to make the most out of it. Follow these simple Cooking Tips to learn more about the hobby. Professional chefs are lending their advice and fans want to hear what they say.

Cooking Tips will elevate the skill set of any novice chef. The cook can prepare some fabulous dishes in short order as well.

The steps are simple and people follow them as is needed. Cooking Tips are intended for people who want great new deals. The kitchen makes the experience fun and simple for those that are interested

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Home Appliance Maintenance

Home Appliance Maintenance is an important topic to consider. Go to a shop that handles Home Appliance Maintenance on a regular basis.

They can oversee some rapid repairs and get the products back to customers. See how the market is changing in favor of new customers these days. The Home Appliance Maintenance is worth a new look and people will give it a chance.

The brand and status of the item will be considered. The price tag is handed over to people who are at the shop. These customers want to give the Home Appliance Maintenance a chance. Think about the important new deals and offers on the market.

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This category is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to add a little humor, you’ve heard the saying a picture is worth 1,000 words & I agree. I’m also of the opinion that a smile &/or a good laugh is worth a lot of frowns &/or moans & groans.




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Washing Machine Motors

Washing Machine Motors often break down over time. Even the most reliable unit will need to have that part replaced. But luckily, there are suppliers who can manage that kind of request.

Washing Machine Motors are in high demand and for a reason. That allows the homeowner to replace the gear that they need whenever possible. The Washing Machine Motors have been useful and customers give that a chance for their own products.

The price tag for Washing Machine Motors will vary to a considerable extent. People make good use out of the equipment around the house. They have great things to say and the product has been in high demand for a while.

New users can search for information related to Washing Machine Motors. Look through the catalog to get up to speed regarding Washing Machine Motors.
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Appliance Heating Elements

Appliance Heating Elements have been made by reputable brands on the market. These leading brands have made a name for themselves in numerous ways. The Appliance Heating Elements are worth a renewed look in short order.

These brand name parts are in demand for a good reason. Customers want to give them a chance as they see fit. Request an order and have it shipped whenever possible. The supplier will make arrangements for those customers on the market.

The Appliance Heating Elements have been sold to new buyers on the market. The catalog is filled with good examples and people want to give that a chance. The brand name products are sold to buyers in the know. Check-in with the catalog before placing an order soon.
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